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Do you have natural alternatives for hot flashes?

Q. Dear Terry, “Do you have any natural alternatives for dealing with hot flashes associated with perimenopause? — Suzanne L., Green Bay, WI

A. Dear Suzanne, I would first recommend taking a complex of hop cone, pomegranate, and black cohosh extracts to help fight the symptoms the hot flashes you are experiencing. While each botanical in this blend is a strong contender in its own right, I find they are much stronger in combination. This complex of herbs also has additional benefits – it supports bone health, cardiovascular function and weight loss – additional health concerns faced by many women. I recommend taking 1 capsule of this combination twice daily. When choosing a formula, make sure to look for one that features standardized extracts. And when it comes to black cohosh – make sure it is standardized to 2.5% triterpene glycosides, as this is the type of extract that was used in black cohosh research.

You should also consider adding pomegranate to your daily regimen. Everything about the pomegranate is good for you. The bitter-tasting skin has excellent anti-inflammatory power. The seeds contain oils and fatty acids that moderate hormone activity, which plays a central role in perimenopause. When choosing a formula, look for one that features both a strong pomegranate seed extract and seed oil. This special combination provides the amazing power of pomegranate, without the sugar, calories, or mess of drinking the juice or eating the fruit. I recommend taking 600-1,200 mg of this special combination daily.

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