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Do you have any recommendations for dealing with Raynaud's Syndrome?

Q. Dear Terry, “Do you have any recommendations for dealing with Raynaud's Syndrome?” — Patty U., Madison, WI

A. Dear Patty, Raynaud's syndrome is a rare disorder that affects the arteries. The disorder is marked by brief episodes of vasospasm, or narrowing of the blood vessels. This narrowing of the arteries reduces blood flow, most often to the fingers and toes.

An excellent supplement for supporting healthy circulation is mesoglycan - a naturally occurring substance found in the body. Mesoglycan is an excellent source of glycosaminoglycans (also known as GAGs) – vital and necessary components that build the walls of our blood vessels and arteries. Mesoglycan works on the actual formation of blood vessel walls, helping them to be strong, yet flexible, plus it helps keep blood moving through our arteries and blood vessels. I recommend taking 50-100 mg of mesoglycan daily.

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