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Could you please tell me what supplements a post-menopausal woman should be taking?

Dear Terry, “Could you please tell me what supplements a post-menopausal woman should be taking?” — Mary C. Fort Wayne, IN

Dear Mary, I strongly recommend three botanicals for post-menopausal women: hop cone, pomegranate, and black cohosh extracts. While each of these botanicals is a strong contender in its own right, I find they are much stronger in combination. This trio can help to support bone health, cardiovascular function and weight loss – additional health concerns faced by many post-menopausal women. When looking for these botanicals, make sure to choose ones that feature standardized extracts. I recommend taking a total of 280 mg of hop cone, pomegranate, and black cohosh extracts twice daily.

I would also recommend choosing a multivitamin that features B6, B12, and folic acid in their active forms – P-5-P, methylcobalamin, and L-methylfolate. Researchers estimate that up to 30% of the population has less than optimal conversion capabilities, related to genetics, aging, certain liver concerns, and other issues. So, getting the active forms of B-vitamins –those which need no conversion by the liver – is vitally important.

You also want to look for a multivitamin that features chelated trace minerals. A “chelate” is a bond between a mineral and a molecule that helps the body absorb the mineral during digestion. Amino acids are excellent molecules to help shepherd minerals through the intestinal wall. Because they are so small, they can be transported directly into the cells of the body, where they can get to work right away.

Please note that the very best premium daily multivitamin and mineral formulas are taken more than once a day. Keep in mind that one tablet or capsule could not possibly fit the optimal amounts of vitamins, minerals, and herbs needed to provide significant nutritional support. In addition, many nutrients are only active in the body for a short period of time and need to be replenished every 6 to 8 hours. Multiple daily doses ensure that your body is receiving optimal nutrient levels throughout the day. When it comes to multivitamins, I recommend taking a minimum of 2 tablets daily for maintenance, or increasing to 2 tablets twice daily for optimal support.

Healthy Regards!

Terry . . . Naturally

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