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Can anything be done for genetic female hair loss?

Q. Dear Terry, “Can anything be done for genetic female hair loss?” — Rose G., Houston, TX

A. Dear Rose, Hair is deeply personal and strongly entwined with our self-image. Most people do not think of hair as part of a living structure of the body. For hair to grow lustrous and strong, it needs critical nutrients that can be hard to come by in our standard American diet.

Look for a combination of nutrients including B vitamins, sulfur-bearing amino acids like L-cysteine and L-methionine, silica, as well as a very unique CO2 extracted oil of millet seed. Research in Europe has shown this type of formula to have tremendous benefits in healthy hair growth. I recommend you take 2 softgels of this formula daily.

Since hair grows slowly, keep in mind that it will take a minimum of 90-120 days before you can judge the positive benefits. However, if after the 90-120 days, you continue to have difficulties with your hair, and you find you are also having problems with energy, mood, weight gain and cold sensitivity, you may want to visit an integrative healthcare practitioner to have your thyroid function evaluated. Many women have suboptimal thyroid function, especially after the age of 35. If this is the issue, then adding a product that combines healthy doses of iodine with the amino acid L-tyrosine could be extremely beneficial. I’d recommend 30 mg of iodine and 400 mg of L-tyrosine in combination, taken twice daily. This will provide the raw materials necessary for your thyroid glands to make healthy amounts of thyroid hormone.

Healthy Regards!

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