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Safe, Effective Botanicals for Acute Pain

Ref. #TTN150
Taking acetaminophen is a problem. It accounts for more than 100,000 calls to poison control centers yearly. It can cause significant risk to your health. That’s why I’m so excited to share new clinical research that shows a combination of curcumin, boswellia, and black sesame oil is as fast and effective at fighting pain. This is news everyone can use. Let’s explore this important study, together.
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Repair, Restore, and Rebuild Your Joints to Increase Mobility

Ref. #136
Are you dealing with joint damage, stiffness, and arthritic changes? Want to move past addressing pain to repairing your joints and stopping the downward spiral of joint degradation? You need to know about clinically studied natural ingredients that can make a significant difference. Wouldn’t you love to be mobile and active again and move without pain—doesn’t that sound wonderful? Here’s the answer.
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The Miracle of Melatonin—Health Beyond Restorative Sleep

Ref. #153
While melatonin is known for helping people reset their circadian rhythms for restorative sleep, there’s growing evidence that this natural hormone fights bacteria, inhibits viral infections, and even prevents the spread of cancer. Melatonin has many amazing attributes that can help restore and preserve your health in many ways. What it does and how to choose a melatonin is news you can use!
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Repairing Painful Knees and Other Joints

Ref. #0062
Do your knees hurt? Are stairs starting to be a misery? Do you avoid getting down on your hands and knees to play with the kids or grandkids? Our knees, hips and ankles take a beating in daily life and are more prone to problems and pain. Let’s remedy your knee and joint situation with a combination of nutrients that can repair painful joints.
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Acute and Chronic Pain

Ref. #0003
When you’re in pain, you want something that works fast. You want relief that does more than simply mask pain, but also stops inflammation without the risks to your kidneys, stomach, liver, and heart. When people turn to over-the-counter solutions, they are asking for long-term health issues. There are some natural ingredients that deal with chronic and acute pain, in fact they are superior to conventional drugs in both efficacy and safety. Let’s deal with your pain the smart way, right now!
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Curcumin: The All-In-One-Solution, Part 1

Ref. #0080A
If you aren’t excited about curcumin and all the possibilities it has to prevent and fight cancer—that’s about to change. When you hear all that is happening with the research of this amazing botanical, you’ll get excited along with me. Lives can be changed…it’s a powerful, natural medicine that’s affecting all types of cancer. Here’s what you need to know…  
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Arthritis: Restoring Function

Ref. #0002
Osteoarthritis is the most common of all joint diseases, affecting approximately 30 million adults in America. Maybe it’s part of your life. If you thought that prescription drugs are your only alternative to deal with the pain, I have great news for you! There are three natural medicines that have been extensively researched to relieve pain and keep your knees, spine, and joints throughout the body working smoothly. For safe and effective relief from arthritis, stay tuned!  
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Stop Lower Back Pain—Naturally and Effectively

Ref. #0111
If you are one of the millions of Americans dealing with excruciating back pain every day, you have probably tried over-the-counter and prescription pain relievers, physical therapy, or steroid injections. Maybe you’ve considered risky back surgery in an attempt to get rid of the pain. Here’s some good news. You can safely and effectively deal with your back pain in a different way.
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Say No to NSAIDS

Ref. #140
Each year, 16,000 deaths in the United States are attributed to NSAIDs. NSAIDs are also known to cause ulcers and kidney damage, and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.  Thankfully, there are truly safe, effective ways to fight pain, with NO unwanted side effects. Read on to learn more!
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Curcumin versus Prescription Drugs Research Round Up

Ref. #R002
You already know that osteoarthritis drugs are dangerous and cause side effects. But you don’t need to use them. A new study has found that an enhanced absorption curcumin blended with turmeric essential oil is just as effective, but much safer.
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Pain and Sleep: An Intimate Connection

Ref. #0056
When you’re in pain, you lose sleep. You’re also losing the chance to heal naturally. Common over-the counter painkillers don’t fix the problem, but there is a natural, safe way to stop the pain and get a good night’s sleep. Does that sound like what you need?
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How to Address the Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Ref. #0125
Are you looking for a way to address the symptoms of Fibromyalgia —the pain, the lack of energy, the brain fog to name a few? I want you to know about an incredible combination of botanicals that will effectively change your Fibromyalgia experience, and get you back to feeling great again. This is possible, when you know the right approach.
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Stop Headaches Without Risk

Ref. #0109
Whether it’s a migraine, tension, sinus, or a cluster headache, a lot of people think that ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or aspirin are their only choices for relief. With very little research, you can see all the side effects and problems these analgesics cause while trying to take away headache pain. Thankfully, there is a way to stop headaches without risk using natural ingredients.
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Become a Believer in Tart Cherry for Gout

Ref. #0104
Round, red, and delicious, tart cherries are stars of the summer season. But did you know they also provide powerful nutrients for fighting pain and inflammation associated with gout?
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The Power of CoQ10: Fuel for Your Cellular Engines

Ref. #0200
If you had to name an “engine” that powers the activity of virtually every cell in your body, it would be the mitochondria. Because it is ubiquitous, and found everywhere in the body, a crucial factor in fueling that engine is “ubiquinone”. You’re probably most familiar with its other name, coenzyme Q10, also known as “CoQ10”. CoQ10 helps spark the process of moving the electrons in the mitochondria to create adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the natural “gasoline” or “battery” that powers our body at a microscopic level. Of all the cells in the body, the heart contains the most mitochondria, but the brain needs impressive amounts of CoQ10, too.
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Health Secrets of Curcumin

The Indian Super Spice and the surprising benefits it can yield for your health - ultra-potent antioxidant, liver protectant, immune system booster, pain-reliever, brain enhancer, and more!

The Life-Changing Benefits of Acupuncture and Herbs

Presented by Dr. Mindy Barrows
Acupuncture has been helping restore health for thousands of years by treating conditions like pain, headaches, fatigue, respiratory conditions, skin issues, digestive disturbances, and many other disorders. While acupuncture can be incredibly effective on its own, when combined with certain…

Narcotic Free Pain Relief- Don’t Forget the Cannabis!

Presented by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum
Almost all pain can be effectively treated – usually without narcotics! This webinar will teach you to understand what your body is asking for, so the pain goes away. One factor is that our cannabinoid receptors, which is what marijuana and…

Holistic Life Hacks for Health and Wellness

Presented by Dr. Holly Lucille
Join Dr. Holly Lucille as she shares health hacks you haven’t heard of for mood, pain, stress, detoxification, weight loss, and energy. Learn unique ways to implement lasting results in many areas of your life.

Finding Fibromyalgia Relief - Part 2 - with Dr. Khalsa

Presented by Dr. KP Khalsa
In part two of this series, learn from one of the country's foremost natural healing experts, Dr. KP Khalsa, on how to find relief from fibromyalgia. Dr. Khalsa incorporates many modalities into his healing practices including Ayurveda, Western, and Traditional…

Finding Fibromyalgia Relief - Part 1 - with Dr. Teitelbaum

Presented by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum
Best-selling author and fibromyalgia expert, Dr. Teitelbaum, shares his clinically validated approach to helping people overcome fibromyalgia.

The Dangers of Prescription and OTC Drugs

Presented by Cheryl Myers
Prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications are commonly used to help with pain, sleep, bladder control, and allergies. However, these drugs also carry dangerous side effects like dependency, increased risk of heart attack and stroke, liver and kidney failure, dementia, and…

Effective Treatment of Fibromyalgia Using the SHINE Protocol

Presented by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum
Fibromyalgia often represents a body-wide energy crisis that manifests as chronic fatigue, muscle pain and weakness (especially in trigger points), memory issues, and mood changes. Join Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum for a discussion on treating fibromyalgia with a protocol that involves…

When Trauma Hits the Tissue - How to Repair and Rebuild

Presented by Dr. Holly Lucille
Recovery from any type of trauma can be difficult—whether it’s exercise, injury, or surgically induced. Resolving underlying inflammation, stimulating cell proliferation, and improving circulation are key factors in recovery. Mainstream interventions reduce inflammation, but have potentially life threatening side effects…

How to Stop Back Pain Naturally!

Presented by Terry Lemerond
Millions of Americans deal with excruciating back pain every day. Whether from an injury, chronic condition, or strain, back pain can be debilitating. Finding relief can be difficult, with conventional treatments, such as over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers, offering limited…

Stopping the Silent Killer: Chronic Inflammation

Presented by Jonny Bowden, PhD CNS
Are you ready to have an extraordinary life well into your 9th and 10th decade? Join natural health expert Jonny Bowden, PhD CNS to learn more about chronic inflammation, how to prevent it, and how to live the longest, healthiest…

High-Absorption Curcumin and its Role in Cancer Prevention, Depression, Pain and More

Presented by Dr. Ajay Goel, Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, Cheryl Myers
Learn about the science behind curcumin: the subject of 16 studies, (10 human clinical trials), and how it has shown astounding results in pain reduction, cognitive function and depression, as well as integration with radiation therapy and tumor cell reduction.…

The Diagnosis and Treatment of Lyme Disease: Sorting Through the Controversy and Regaining Health

Presented by Dr. Nathan and Dr. Teitelbaum
Successfully diagnosing and treating Lyme disease can be complicated and frustrating for patient and practitioner alike. The most common tick-borne infection in the United States, Lyme disease symptoms are diverse and can vary greatly from person to person. The medical…

Beat Sugar Addiction NOW!

Presented by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum
If you are a typical American, you are consuming 200 lbs. of sugar a year. This sugar addiction may explain why you are tired, achy, "brain fogged," anxious, and unable to lose weight. In this fascinating new look at the…

Got Pain? Curcumin: The All-In-One Solution for Pain and Inflammation

Presented by Terry Lemerond
If you are one of the almost 8 million Americans who experiences daily pain, you will want to listen to this presentation. Natural health expert Terry Lemerond shares the medicinal secrets of curcumin and the surprising benefits it can yield…

3 Step Plan for Fixing Arthritic Joints

Inflammation of the synovium is the first step in the development of arthritis – it happens even before any visible cartilage degeneration occurs!

How to Relieve Your Pain

Fast Pain Relief from Curcumin and Boswellia with Black Sesame Oil!

Boswellia does what NSAIDS Can’t

Boswellia is a Unique Anti-inflammatory!!

January 1 = time for new resolutions!

In 2021, resolve to focus on what you can control, versus dwelling on what you can’t control.

Americans have a lot of pain

Chronic pain affects more Americans than diabetes, cancer, and heart disease COMBINED!!! 1/3 of Americans live with chronic pain.

Hemp Oil is Not Marijuana

Did you know? The CDC reports that 1 in 5 Americans are living with chronic pain – that is 20% of the US population!

Why is Curcumin Better than NSAIDs for relieving Pain?

NSAIDs block inflammation BUT ALSO increase blood clotting, damage the protective lining of the stomach and intestines, and raise blood pressure! Curcumin also blocks inflammation BUT DOES NOT cause any of these adverse effects.

Arthritic Knees and Joints

The conventional go to for knee arthritis: Steroid Injections. Steroids relieve pain in the short term, but the trade off is accelerated joint damage and cartilage breakdown.

What makes boswellia so good?

Boswellia stops the 5-LOX inflammation pathway. One part of the 5-LOX pathway leads to inflammatory leukotrienes, which are associated with asthma and allergies, arthritis, and inflammatory bowel diseases. The other part of the 5-LOX pathway involves compounds that interfere with…

Curcumin is a safe and effective pain reliever!

Chronic pain affects more Americans than diabetes, cancer, and heart disease COMBINED!!!

Collagen Comforts Aching Joints

While collagen gets a lot of credit for helping restore youthful skin, the nutrient’s talents aren’t limited to that alone. In fact, type II collagen makes up to 90 percent of your articular cartilage – the cartilage in your joints.…
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Blueberries and Arthritis Relief

Osteoarthritis, the gradual wearing down of joints like the knees, hips, and spine, is incredibly common, especially among an aging population. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 30 million American adults suffer from osteoarthritis. And even though the side…
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Type II Collagen Helps Defeat Arthritis

If you’ve noticed more joint pain in recent years and have wondered what to do, supplementing with type II collagen may be an effective answer. In the body, type II collagen is naturally one of the many kinds of collagen…
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Is DHA the next source of cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are compounds that our body creates or that we consume from food and supplement sources that relieve pain, alleviate anxiety, and improve epilepsy symptoms. These compounds have been getting a lot of press lately, especially in connection to hemp,…
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Vitamin B12: Pain Fighter

When we think of pain-relieving nutrients, we usually think about curcumin from turmeric, boswellia, white willow bark, or some other herbal ingredient. But a form of vitamin B12 called methylcobalamin, can help stop pain, too. Vitamin B12 is essential for…
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Reduce Neuropathy Pain with Alpha Lipoic Acid

Neuropathy – the “tingling” feeling or loss of sensation in the feet, legs, and fingers – is one of the most distressing symptoms of type 2 diabetes. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease, about…
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Andrographis for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Like other autoimmune conditions, the symptoms and joint damage of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are the result of the body’s own defensive actions working against itself. People with RA often look to over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers to deal with initial…
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Magnesium Helps Defeat Migraines

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, about 10 percent of American children suffer from migraines. To alleviate the condition, most parents rely on ibuprofen or acetaminophen, either of which can damage the liver, or cause other side effects. However, clinical…
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Move Over, Arthritis Prescriptions – Curcumin Works Better!

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 30 million American adults suffer from osteoarthritis. And even though the side effects of many prescription drugs have become well known, many people will still assume that overall, they are the only choice.…
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Cannabis and the Entourage Effect

Even though CBD – cannabidiol – seems to have captured the imagination of people everywhere, there is still a lot of research around this, and other, compounds from hemp. There’s no doubt that CBD has been the heavy lifter in…
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Boswellia Travels Many Routes to Stop Tumors

Most people may be aware of Boswellia serrata as an anti-inflammatory for stopping rheumatoid arthritis pain or asthmatic flare-ups. However, it may come as a surprise that it can stop even more deadly forms of inflammation – and other factors…
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Andrographis: the Next Big Thing for Pain Relief?

If you suffer from joint pain – whether due to wear and tear over time, or an autoimmune condition like rheumatoid arthritis – finding relief can be challenging. However, an herb traditionally used in Ayurvedic practice (and elsewhere throughout Asia)…
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Healing, Comforting and Safe Comfrey Cream for Children and Teens

Comfrey cream using a specific cultivar (Symphytum x uplandicum NYMAN), is the perfect topical to have on hand for the cuts, abrasions, and bruises that seem to be a normal part of any kid’s life. One of the reasons this…
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Stopping Knee Arthritis Pain as Effectively as a Drug—Without Side Effects

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the bone-on-bone pain of osteoarthritis affects least 30 million Americans. Understandably, most people simply want the pain to go away, and turn to over-the-counter analgesics like ibuprofen or prescription drugs…
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Answers to these Top 3 Questions!

Terry answers the top three frequently asked questions. Click here for more questions.

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Acute Pain Relief–Naturally, Better than Acetaminophen!

Learn about natural ingredients that perform as well as, and in some areas, better than Acetaminophen!  For more information click here.

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The Pain Game

Dr Maffetone on Pain, Competition, and Health

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Beat Sugar Addiction Now!

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D. discusses sugar addiction and his new book, Beat Sugar Addiction Now!, in an animated presentation. White sugar was the first drug pushed. I know it isn't a drug, it is a plant, like marijuana, but it…

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Terry is happy to provide his opinion on diet and nutrition, supplements and lifestyle choices. This information is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to replace the advice of your physician and is not to be considered medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Should you have any concerns please contact your physician directly.

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