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Natural Alternatives for ADD/ADHD

Ref. #0052
Is there a child in your life that needs help with focus and concentration? There are natural options to help kids with this as well as ADD and ADHD. Help a child calm their mind and enhance tranquility while boosting focus and concentration — all without synthetic drugs. It’s good news for children everywhere!
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Solve the Riddle of Mental and Nerve Disorders with Bio-Active Bs

Ref. #TTN076
Yes, you need B vitamins, but are you aware that not all forms of B vitamins are helpful? If you’re looking to keep you nervous system functioning well, your mind focused, and much more—now is the opportunity to understand B vitamins.
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The Miracle of Melatonin—Health Beyond Restorative Sleep

Ref. #153
While melatonin is known for helping people reset their circadian rhythms for restorative sleep, there’s growing evidence that this natural hormone fights bacteria, inhibits viral infections, and even prevents the spread of cancer. Melatonin has many amazing attributes that can help restore and preserve your health in many ways. What it does and how to choose a melatonin is news you can use!
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Better Focus, Energy, Strength, and Stamina with Red Ginseng

Ref. #0139
Are you worn out by physical and psychological stress? That’s an everyday feeling for most people today, but it doesn’t have to be. Red ginseng, the one that is safe and delivers the benefits you need is your answer. Learn why it’s so amazing, and what to look for when choosing red ginseng.
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Ashwagandha—Indian Ginseng

Ref. #TTN146
Want to feel energized but not jittery? Want to boost your mental resilience, reduce cortisol levels, balance stress hormones, sharpen your focus and concentration, and calm down and relax? Your answer is ashwagandha. Let’s talk about what it is, how it works, and how to choose a powerful ashwagandha.
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Live Without Anxiety!

Ref. #0038
Everyone has a little anxiety now and then. But for some people, anxiety depletes their energy and destroys their self-confidence. Their waking moments are clouded by a sense of impending disaster, or outright fear—without any obvious cause. There is a botanical that can reduce anxiety, calm fears, and worry, and even help with sound sleep. It’s time you know your answer for anxiety.      
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Feeling Exhausted? Recharge with Adaptogens!

Ref. #0042
When you’re physically exhausted, stressed out, or mentally fatigued it’s not always possible to change your circumstances, but you can adapt to them. Instead of trying to overcome exhaustion with coffee or unhealthy, so-called “energy” drinks, there are clinically studied herbs that give you the energy and ability to stay focused, build mental and physical endurance, keep perspective, and adapt to busy schedules. This is news we all can use. Stay tuned....
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NEW RESEARCH - Clinically Studied Botanical Extract Reduces Anxiety Symptoms Quickly

Ref. #R004
UNIQUE BOTANICAL COMPOUND AND ANXIETY REDUCTION Powerful Anxiety Relief with Specialized Echinacea Extract Double-blind placebo controlled trial of the anxiolytic effects of a standardized echinacea extract. Abstract: Earlier studies suggested that specific echinacea preparations might decrease anxiety. To further study…
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Lift Your Depression with Saffron & Curcumin

Ref. #0134
Anyone who struggles with depression knows how much they feel trapped by the condition and how they may also feel trapped by the conventional drugs commonly used to treat it.That’s why research investigating saffron and curcumin for depression is so exciting. These natural medicines don’t interfere with existing treatments, and may even make them more effective. Here’s the safe way to deal with depression and increase your sense of hope and well-being.  
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Curcumin: The All In One Solution, Part 2

Ref. #0080B
Are you or someone important to you living a life of pain? Whatever the reason for your pain, inflammation is at the root cause of much of the pain that happens to people. I’d like to tell you more about how the right kind of curcumin can address your pain in safe and effective ways. It’s time to stop inflammation and chronic disease, and all the pain it causes….stay tuned.
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Curcumin: The All-In-One-Solution, Part 1

Ref. #0080A
If you aren’t excited about curcumin and all the possibilities it has to prevent and fight cancer—that’s about to change. When you hear all that is happening with the research of this amazing botanical, you’ll get excited along with me. Lives can be changed…it’s a powerful, natural medicine that’s affecting all types of cancer. Here’s what you need to know…  
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Salmon Extract Offers More Benefits Than Fish Oil

Ref. #0014
You’ve probably heard of fish and krill oil, but I want to tell you about a salmon extract that is far superior because of omega-3s, phospholipids, and peptides. You might not be familiar with those words right now, but stay tuned, because soon you will understand why they can make all the difference to prevent heart attacks and strokes, reduce inflammation throughout the body, slow cognitive decline, improve focus and mental agility, strengthen arteries and blood vessels, and so much more. ..all without fish burps. Don’t settle for fish or krill oil. There’s a better way.  
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Hope for Depression

Ref. #0074
Depression is a thief that can rob you of your life. Here’s a fresh look at St. John’s Wort as an answer to depression, and what you need to look for when you seek St. John’s Wort.
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Leg Cramps, Dry Cough, and More

Ref. #0088
What if I told you that calcium is a powerhouse nutrient that has incredible effectiveness OUTSIDE the bones? Yes, 99% of our calcium is used to maintain the healthy growth and density of bones and teeth. But what about that…
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Episode 10: The Terry & Dr. Lynn Show - Financials

What does financial wellness have to do with your physical health? Join Terry and Dr. Lynn as they both share their approaches to financial health as it relates to overall well-being. Plus, learn some practical tips on how to improve…

Episode 9: The Terry and Dr. Lynn Show – Stress

Stress. Everyone has it. Sometimes good, often debilitating, Terry and Dr. Lynn talk about the opposite of stress—resiliency. Get their tips on how you can handle the stress in your life.

Episode 4: The Terry & Dr. Lynn Show - Mental Health

2020 and beyond has affected everyone’s mental health. What are some practical ways to combat all this stress?

The Power of Adaptogens

Terry’s special guest, Chris Kilham, the Medicine Hunter, discusses the special powers of adaptogens—relieving stress, energizing, boosting the immune system, and more. Chris uses adaptogenic herbs every day and tells you why you should, too.

COVID-19: Mental Health During a Pandemic

Presented by Dr. Adrian Lopresti
Stress and mental health are strongly connected. During times of increased stress, mental and emotional health can suffer. By finding natural options to overcome stress, mental health can greatly improve. Learn about effective stress management strategies from clinical psychologist, Dr.…

Goodbye to Anxiety, Worry, Nervousness with Echinacea angustifolia

Presented by Dr. József Haller
Join Dr. Haller, a researcher from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, to learn more about a unique echinacea and its effects on anxiety.

5 Shifts to Move Forward in Your Life After Loss

Presented by Cecile Gough
What if the concept that time heals all wounds is a myth? In fact, there is a roadmap that you can take to move forward in your life gracefully – no matter the loss you’ve experienced. Join Cecile Gough for…

How to Address Metabolic Chaos

Presented by Reed Davis
Metabolic chaos could be causing or contributing to numerous health issues seen today. Learn about what metabolic chaos is, the destruction it can cause, and how to overcome it. Join Reed Davis for this webinar about metabolic chaos and the…

Natural Interventions for Anxiety, Depression, and Other Mental Illnesses

Presented by Cheryl Myers
Join Cheryl Myers to discover natural medicines for anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses. Discover how full-spectrum hemp oil, a special species of echinacea, curcumin (from turmeric), and omega-3s can help balance mood and decrease neuroinflammation. 

Coping with Burnout and Chronic Stress

Presented by Terry Lemerond
Do you wish you had more energy? Are you exhausted, but yet can't sleep? Learn about natural ways to cope with burnout, like using adaptogens. Adaptogens help increase the body's resistance to stress and return you to a state a…

Holistic Life Hacks for Health and Wellness

Presented by Dr. Holly Lucille
Join Dr. Holly Lucille as she shares health hacks you haven’t heard of for mood, pain, stress, detoxification, weight loss, and energy. Learn unique ways to implement lasting results in many areas of your life.

Ashwagandha: Stress, Anxiety, Memory, Weight Loss, Libido, Muscle Strength and Endurance

Presented by Terry Lemerond
Join natural products expert, Terry Lemerond, as he shares some of the amazing health benefits of ashwagandha. Ashwagandha has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years and is still highly valued today. By restoring balance in the body, without…

Integrative Treatment for Depression and Anxiety

Presented by Dr. Adrian Lopresti
Depression and anxiety cause tremendous pain and suffering, and conventional prescription drugs come laden with significant side effects. Dr. Lopresti will discuss how integrative approaches that focus on nutritional and herbal supplementation, lifestyle changes, social connections, spirituality, and biological factors…

Nature's Anxiety Miracle

Presented by Dr. Gaetano Morello
Anxiety and its related disorders are serious mental illnesses that affect a large portion of our population. Researchers in Hungary have identified an extract of Echinacea angustifoliae that has been clinically-validated as a safe and effective alternative to prescription medications.…

The Missing Link - Inflammation and Mental Health

Presented by Dr. Adrian Lopresti
Research over the past decade has highlighted the importance of inflammation in depression and other mental health disorders. In this webinar, Dr. Adrian Lopresti will cover the current research on the relationship between inflammation and mental health, how inflammation affects…

Not Your Mama's Turmeric: Unexpected Uses For This Mighty Herb!

Presented by Dr. Holly Lucille
Curcumin (extracted from the turmeric rhizome) is the best-selling herb in the U.S. and is one of the most important natural medicines of our time. Many know about curcumin’s proven effectiveness for pain, arthritis, and cancer. However, there are many…

Overcoming Thyroid and Adrenal Dysfunction with Natural Remedies

Presented by Terry Lemerond
The thyroid and adrenal glands play a crucial role in defining who we are. But what happens when these glands aren’t functioning optimally? Our fast-paced and busy lifestyles plus chronic illness, stress, poor diet, inadequate sleep and many other factors…

Unlocking Glutathione's Power: Serious Medicine for Serious Illnesses

Presented by Cheryl Myers, RN
Sometimes called the “Master Antioxidant,” glutathione’s scope well exceeds that description. In addition to neutralizing free radical damage, glutathione is required to detoxify pollutants and toxins, protect against cancer, and keep our dietary antioxidants at full effectiveness. Unfortunately, by the…

Curcumin and Other Natural Treatments for Depression

Presented by Dr. Adrian Lopresti
Some of the most interesting research in natural medicine is occurring in the area of mental health. Dr. Adrian Lopresti of Murdoch University in Western Australia is the lead author of a recently published study examining the antidepressant effects of…

High-Absorption Curcumin and its Role in Cancer Prevention, Depression, Pain and More

Presented by Dr. Ajay Goel, Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, Cheryl Myers
Learn about the science behind curcumin: the subject of 16 studies, (10 human clinical trials), and how it has shown astounding results in pain reduction, cognitive function and depression, as well as integration with radiation therapy and tumor cell reduction.…

Natural Solution for Anxiety, Worry and Nervousness: Echinacea

Presented by Dr. Jozsef Haller
While echinacea is perhaps best known for its use in preventing and treating the common cold, researchers in Hungary have found that a unique extract of Echinacea angustifolia, used at a specific dosage, effectively relieves anxiety and worry. Clinical tests…

How do you know you need B vitamins?

Some warning signs of B vitamin deficiency are: Weakness and fatigue Anemia Depression Trouble concentrating Confusion and memory loss Numbness and tingling Skin issues

Adaptogens for Optimal Health

Adaptogens help keep all your body systems in balance and running smoothly – especially during times of stress!

Rejuvenate with Ashwagandha

The medicinal benefits of ashwagandha are associated with its biologically active compounds: the withanolides.

Safe relief for anxiety – new study results!

Anxiety is the most common mental disorder in the United States – even more common than depression!!

Fill the nutrient gaps

Back to Basics: Don’t Forget Your Daily Multiple!

The Ritalin Generation?

New study finds rate of attention deficit disorder has increased over 60% in the last 20 years.

Fast relief for anxiety – new study results!

In a recent survey, more than 60% of young adults reported symptoms of anxiety or depression. Back in 2012, about 5% of children in a national survey has been diagnosed with anxiety and/or depression.

Saffron for Nervous System Disorders

A 12 week study in patients with depression showed significant reduction in symptoms, especially for patients with atypical depression – 43% reduction in symptoms.

Natural Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is the most common mental disorder in the United States—even more common than depression.

Natural Relief for Anxiety

Anxiety is the most common mental disorder in the United States – even more common than depression!!!

Lavender Tea for Depression?

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is well known for its relaxing properties, as a tea, a supplement, and in aromatherapy applications. But there is increasing research about the herb’s application for reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, especially in older individuals who…
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Anxious? It May Be Magnesium Deficiency.

It’s estimated that anxiety affects about 40 million Americans. If you’re one of them, you might need to boost your magnesium. Although magnesium isn’t commonly associated with calmness, it should be; deficiency can make you more susceptible to stress and…
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Melatonin for Depression?

Our states of mind are directly related to circadian rhythms. Clinical work has found that by synchronizing those rhythms through treatment with melatonin, people can feel some relief from the symptoms of depression. Getting the circadian cycle in balance is…
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B Vitamins Give You a Much-Needed Boost

When it comes to nutrients that deliver effects, you’ll notice B vitamins rank near the top of the list. Already well known to boost energy, positive mood, metabolism, and mental focus, B vitamins directly affect the way the mind deals…
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Can a Ketogenic Diet Balance Your Mood?

Anyone who has ever dealt with a “sugar crash” or the feeling of drowsiness after a large meal knows that food can affect your mood. But despite that, it somehow seems like too abstract of an idea that with the…
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Curcumin for Depression

For many years, researchers believed that depression was primarily a condition of chemical imbalance. These days, there is a much more nuanced picture of depression, and most scientists and therapists would agree that brain chemistry and inflammation, in addition to…
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Vitamin C for Less Stress?

While vitamin C is often considered a strong immune-boosting nutrient, it may help us deal with stress better, too. That’s because vitamin C is a required nutrient for the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands are most associated with cortisol –…
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Is DHA the next source of cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are compounds that our body creates or that we consume from food and supplement sources that relieve pain, alleviate anxiety, and improve epilepsy symptoms. These compounds have been getting a lot of press lately, especially in connection to hemp,…
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Ashwagandha Blend Helps Stop Anxiety

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is an adaptogenic botanical used in Ayurvedic practice for thousands of years. It is especially coming under scrutiny as a natural medicine that can help reduce stress and strengthen coping abilities. In this scientific study, ashwagandha was…
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Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Treating Impulsiveness, and Aggression

For some years, there has been a strong interest in the effects of omega-3 fatty acids on behavior. Some studies have found that increasing omega-3s, while decreasing omega-6 intake, alleviates symptoms of depression and anxiety. But beyond those conditions, omega-3s…
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Ashwagandha and Vitality in Middle-Aged Men

As people get older, they may feel a loss of vitality and energy, and wonder why. There are a lot of factors at play, but one of them is hormone balance. And one of the answers to restoring that balance…
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Dark Chocolate May Prevent Depression

Dark chocolate is a great source of polyphenols and typically lower in sugar compared to milk chocolate. Because of this, many people—especially anyone who wants a good reason to indulge in a tasty treat—consider dark chocolate a “superfood.” Due to…
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Keep Calm and Keep Living Well

Feelings of anxiety and bouts of depression can seem like they exist only in our heads, but their effects are much more far reaching than that. Anxiety is literally life threatening. An analysis of health surveys found that anxiousness creates…
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Vitamin D is a Strength Trainer

Vitamin D is frequently called “the sunshine vitamin” because it is naturally synthesized by the body after skin exposure to sunlight. However, the body’s ability to do that diminishes with age, as does outdoor activity in general. Having low levels…
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Need Better Focus? Try Red Ginseng!

According to a Gallup poll, 79 percent of Americans are stressed in some way – that’s about 8 out of 10 people. Perhaps you’re one of them. Over time, that stress has a depleting effect on daily energy levels, focus,…
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Strengthen Yourself Against Stress with Ashwagandha

There’s no doubt that no matter what is going on in the world, there will be times when we feel stressed out. Fortunately, adaptogens, botanicals with special properties can help reset and rebalance emotional and physical states and help keep…
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Adaptogens for Many Health Conditions

A recent investigative review of adaptogenic research sheds new light on the intriguing herbs that have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years, but are still being fully understood by modern science. Some of the actions of adaptogens…
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Minerals Make a Difference for Depression

Until fairly recently, nutrient intake has been a fairly overlooked aspect of depression. However, with an estimated 17 million American adults dealing with the condition, it simply can’t be ignored. One aspect of depression that may sound surprising is that…
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Lemon Balm and Lavender for Depression

According to the World Health Organization, over 260 people worldwide suffer from depression. One of the drugs used in conventional treatment for depression is fluoxetine, a type of medication known as a selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI). One well-known prescription…
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Adaptability to Stress Starts Early

The idea that certain foods can help or hinder our mental states is not unusual. Nor is the idea that exercise can help relieve stress and rewire sections of the brain that deal with difficult situations and emotions. But what…
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What Is Rhodiola Rosea?

Rhodiola rosea is an herb that's almost too good to be true. In this video, "Medicine Hunter" and author Chris Kilham lists the many ways that his favorite herb can impact your life. Watch video

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Ketogenic Therapy For Brain Health

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Waking One Hour Earlier Reduces Risk of Depression

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Top 10 Reasons to Eat Your Cruciferous Veggies

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Fruits, Veggies May Keep the Blues Away

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Natural Treatments for Seasonal Affective Disorder

By: Emily Lesnak, ND, Bastyr Center for Natural Health

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Terry is happy to provide his opinion on diet and nutrition, supplements and lifestyle choices. This information is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to replace the advice of your physician and is not to be considered medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Should you have any concerns please contact your physician directly.

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