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Prevent Disease with CoQ10

Ref. #144
CoQ10 is present in virtually every cell in your body. But aging, medications, genetics, and strenuous physical activity deplete our natural levels of this nutrient. It promotes healthy aging, is important for heart health, and more. Find out why I think everyone should add CoQ10 to their life and I’ll also show you how to choose a CoQ10 based on facts.
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Solve the Riddle of Mental and Nerve Disorders with Bio-Active Bs

Ref. #TTN076
Yes, you need B vitamins, but are you aware that not all forms of B vitamins are helpful? If you’re looking to keep you nervous system functioning well, your mind focused, and much more—now is the opportunity to understand B vitamins.
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An Amazing Ayurvedic Adaptogen Duo

Ref. #TTN147
Adaptogens can help reduce stress, boost immune defenses, and promote fast recovery from exercise.  Two of the world’s most effective adaptogens are andrographis and ashwagandha. Strong on their own, but when combined – wow! Find out why these clinically studied adaptogens can bolster your stamina and endurance.
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Better Focus, Energy, Strength, and Stamina with Red Ginseng

Ref. #0139
Are you worn out by physical and psychological stress? That’s an everyday feeling for most people today, but it doesn’t have to be. Red ginseng, the one that is safe and delivers the benefits you need is your answer. Learn why it’s so amazing, and what to look for when choosing red ginseng.
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Ashwagandha—Indian Ginseng

Ref. #TTN146
Want to feel energized but not jittery? Want to boost your mental resilience, reduce cortisol levels, balance stress hormones, sharpen your focus and concentration, and calm down and relax? Your answer is ashwagandha. Let’s talk about what it is, how it works, and how to choose a powerful ashwagandha.
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Vibrant Health from the Best Essential Nutrients

Ref. #0075
It’s a fact, there is a deficit of nutrients in our diets. Some people rely on a once-daily multiple or an over-specialized formula that doesn’t provide the vitamins and minerals needed at meaningful levels or in forms that are easily used. What a waste of time! I want you to know about a formula that provides the nutrients you need in the best form. This is the formula that can make a difference.
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Feeling Exhausted? Recharge with Adaptogens!

Ref. #0042
When you’re physically exhausted, stressed out, or mentally fatigued it’s not always possible to change your circumstances, but you can adapt to them. Instead of trying to overcome exhaustion with coffee or unhealthy, so-called “energy” drinks, there are clinically studied herbs that give you the energy and ability to stay focused, build mental and physical endurance, keep perspective, and adapt to busy schedules. This is news we all can use. Stay tuned....
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Curcumin: The All In One Solution, Part 2

Ref. #0080B
Are you or someone important to you living a life of pain? Whatever the reason for your pain, inflammation is at the root cause of much of the pain that happens to people. I’d like to tell you more about how the right kind of curcumin can address your pain in safe and effective ways. It’s time to stop inflammation and chronic disease, and all the pain it causes….stay tuned.
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Curcumin: The All-In-One-Solution, Part 1

Ref. #0080A
If you aren’t excited about curcumin and all the possibilities it has to prevent and fight cancer—that’s about to change. When you hear all that is happening with the research of this amazing botanical, you’ll get excited along with me. Lives can be changed…it’s a powerful, natural medicine that’s affecting all types of cancer. Here’s what you need to know…  
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How to Address the Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Ref. #0125
Are you looking for a way to address the symptoms of Fibromyalgia —the pain, the lack of energy, the brain fog to name a few? I want you to know about an incredible combination of botanicals that will effectively change your Fibromyalgia experience, and get you back to feeling great again. This is possible, when you know the right approach.
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Leg Cramps, Dry Cough, and More

Ref. #0088
What if I told you that calcium is a powerhouse nutrient that has incredible effectiveness OUTSIDE the bones? Yes, 99% of our calcium is used to maintain the healthy growth and density of bones and teeth. But what about that…
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Revolutionary Rhodiola

Rhodiola, or golden root, has been used for thousands of years to increase energy, reduce fatigue, boost mental and physical energy and stamina, and benefit libido—all without artificial stimulants.

Peak Physical Performance

Terry asks Chris Kilham, the Medicine Hunter, for his suggestions on getting to peak levels of physical energy using the herb Rhodiola and grape extract.

The Life-Changing Benefits of Acupuncture and Herbs

Presented by Dr. Mindy Barrows
Acupuncture has been helping restore health for thousands of years by treating conditions like pain, headaches, fatigue, respiratory conditions, skin issues, digestive disturbances, and many other disorders. While acupuncture can be incredibly effective on its own, when combined with certain…

How to Address Metabolic Chaos

Presented by Reed Davis
Metabolic chaos could be causing or contributing to numerous health issues seen today. Learn about what metabolic chaos is, the destruction it can cause, and how to overcome it. Join Reed Davis for this webinar about metabolic chaos and the…

Adrenal Dysfunction? Fatigue? Burnout?

Presented by Terry Lemerond
Adrenal dysfunction is running rampant in our fast-paced society. Many people are probably familiar with the symptoms of adrenal issues: fatigue, irritability, weight gain, low libido, allergies, recurrent infections, and many others. Learn how to restore adrenal function with natural…

Cannabis? Marijuana? CBD? Hemp Oil? What Works and Why! Understanding the endocannabinoid system.

Presented by Dr. Holly Lucille
Did you know that an exciting breakthrough occurred in the last few decades regarding the human body? Researchers have discovered a previously unknown biological system found in humans and throughout the animal kingdom, called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS…

Finding Fibromyalgia Relief - Part 2 - with Dr. Khalsa

Presented by Dr. KP Khalsa
In part two of this series, learn from one of the country's foremost natural healing experts, Dr. KP Khalsa, on how to find relief from fibromyalgia. Dr. Khalsa incorporates many modalities into his healing practices including Ayurveda, Western, and Traditional…

Holistic Life Hacks for Health and Wellness

Presented by Dr. Holly Lucille
Join Dr. Holly Lucille as she shares health hacks you haven’t heard of for mood, pain, stress, detoxification, weight loss, and energy. Learn unique ways to implement lasting results in many areas of your life.

Finding Fibromyalgia Relief - Part 1 - with Dr. Teitelbaum

Presented by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum
Best-selling author and fibromyalgia expert, Dr. Teitelbaum, shares his clinically validated approach to helping people overcome fibromyalgia.

10 Tips to Optimize Energy

Presented by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum
Over 30% of Americans suffer with severe exhaustion, and almost everyone wishes they had more energy. Are you one of these? Optimizing energy can be done more simply than you would imagine. During this webinar, we will give you 10…

The Adrenal Thyroid Connection: What's Your Body Trying to Tell You?

Presented by Dr. Aviva Romm
Naturally, women struggling with any chronic illness want the fastest route to wellness. But whether practitioner or patient, we need to take a deep look at what the body is trying to say and answer that call in our healing…

Effective Treatment of Fibromyalgia Using the SHINE Protocol

Presented by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum
Fibromyalgia often represents a body-wide energy crisis that manifests as chronic fatigue, muscle pain and weakness (especially in trigger points), memory issues, and mood changes. Join Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum for a discussion on treating fibromyalgia with a protocol that involves…

Overcoming Thyroid and Adrenal Dysfunction with Natural Remedies

Presented by Terry Lemerond
The thyroid and adrenal glands play a crucial role in defining who we are. But what happens when these glands aren’t functioning optimally? Our fast-paced and busy lifestyles plus chronic illness, stress, poor diet, inadequate sleep and many other factors…

Adaptogens for Optimal Health

Adaptogens help keep all your body systems in balance and running smoothly – especially during times of stress!

Finding Quality Ginseng is a Challenge

Researchers in China tested 80 ginseng samples collected from different places for pesticide residue: 246 different pesticides were detected.

Health Benefits of Red Ginseng

Better Focus, Energy, Strength, and Stamina with Red Ginseng!

Adaptogens for Many Health Conditions

A recent investigative review of adaptogenic research sheds new light on the intriguing herbs that have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years, but are still being fully understood by modern science. Some of the actions of adaptogens…
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Korean Red Ginseng Energizes Effectively and Safely

One of the world’s oldest botanical adaptogens is ginseng (Panax ginseng). Like all adaptogens, ginseng contains compounds that help the body and mind respond to changing circumstances by strengthening concentration, energy, and stamina. The plant’s beneficial compounds, including ginsenosides, ginsans,…
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Andrographis Fights Multiple Sclerosis Fatigue

Andrographis is widely known as a cold and flu fighter, reducing symptom severity and shortening the duration of illnesses. But the adaptogenic traits of the herb show a wide range of abilities, including reducing fatigue in individuals with multiple sclerosis.…
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Many Ginseng Compounds Keep You Healthy

Panax ginseng is well known to boost energy or libido, but there’s much more to this ancient adaptogen than that. While ginsenosides, especially noble ginsenosides are considered some of the herb’s most potent compounds, there are other constituents that add…
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What Is Rhodiola Rosea?

Rhodiola rosea is an herb that's almost too good to be true. In this video, "Medicine Hunter" and author Chris Kilham lists the many ways that his favorite herb can impact your life. Watch video

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Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham on Rhodiola

  Join Dr. Bond and his guest Chris Kilham, The Medicine Hunter, as they discuss the benefits of Rhodiola in the areas of memory, depression, energy and so much more. “Every herbalist has their favorite plant. Mine is Rhodiola rosea.…

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Terry is happy to provide his opinion on diet and nutrition, supplements and lifestyle choices. This information is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to replace the advice of your physician and is not to be considered medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Should you have any concerns please contact your physician directly.

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Terry is happy to provide his opinion on diet and nutrition, supplements and lifestyle choices. This information is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to replace the advice of your physician and is not to be considered medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Should you have any concerns please contact your physician directly.

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