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New Year’s Message: Focus and Faith

Dear Friends – 

New Year’s is almost synonymous with new beginnings. After celebrating the Christmas and New Year’s holidays and having spent several weeks with family and friends, we are left with a quieter time to reflect upon the past year and think about our future.

Well, now is the time to set our goals.  Everything that I have accomplished has come to me after setting the goals that I want to achieve.  After my relationship with God, goal setting is the most powerful principle that I have implemented in my life.  Reflect on your future.   Do you want to be in better shape, have more energy, meet new people, excel at your job? Do you want deeper and richer personal relationships? Do you want to make more money?  Do you want to double your salary, or do you have a broader wish for happiness and contentment?  Your goals can be of a personal, financial, and business nature.

I cannot tell you what your goals are or should be, but I can tell you the seven most important steps that you need to obtain your dreams, and I can tell you how to make them happen in two words: focus and faith.  What you focus on becomes your reality.  Believe and succeed.  Christ said, “If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.”

We live in a world of glittering objects, near constant electronic communication, multitasking and a vast array of media competing for our attention. These are the enemies of focus.  When light is scattered, we feel little heat, but if you intensely focus light, you get a laser with incredible power. The same is true of our thoughts.  Focus on your goals like a laser.  Don’t wish for 100 other incompatible and scattered things--focus all your energy and thoughts and words on your goal.

Your dreams deserve your full attention. This does not happen by accident. One of my favorite and most successful techniques to create focus is to write down what I want. You can write down hundreds of goals but only one should receive your priority. Put your list of goals where you can see it often and read these goals several times a day. By constantly being pulled back into focus with your list, your behavior will better match up with your desire. Put your goal list by your desk, next to your bed, in your car—wherever you will see it most. You don’t have to know exactly HOW you are going to accomplish your goal. Just set your goals as you set a destination when you take a trip. You may know where you want to go but you don’t worry of all the things that could happen on the way. If you stay focused, your behavior will put you in the right frame of reference for success, and opportunities will come your way. You will achieve your goal. You don’t have to know the how’s, the where’s, the why’s, the when’s.  All this will take place at the right time, the right season, and with the right people.  All you need to do is to know where you’re going and everything else will take care of itself.

Another important part of focus is intention and concentration.  This will not happen in our busy work and home life if we do not make a place for it. Set aside 15 minutes a day in a quiet, peaceful environment and think about your goals and the progress you’ve made. See yourself in the exact event or situation that you want to accomplish.  Make it a mental movie with sound and color.  The more real you make it, the greater impact it will have for becoming your reality.  Give thanks to the creator according to your own beliefs. That could be God, or the Universe, or wherever your spirituality leads you. This short quiet time of reflection will make an enormous difference in your life. Give it a try for a minimum of 21 days.  All change usually takes at least 3 weeks.  If you do this, I guarantee you will want to make it a part of each day.

The next part of achieving your goals is faith. You must have faith in yourself and the universe that your goals will happen. You have to SEE yourself as successful before you become successful. If your goal is to lose 20 pounds, you need to see it in your mind—how good it will feel to zip up your jeans without effort, how much easier it will be to climb the stairs, how much you anticipate the admiring glances from your spouse. This can be a part of your 15 minutes of concentration and reflection, but it should happen throughout the day as well.

It has been my experience that more than 90% of the time, people give up on their dreams far too soon. I think this is partly because they never allowed themselves to believe, to have faith that they could do what they set out to accomplish. Joseph Campbell, the amazing scholar and author who wrote The Power of Myth says that he could never publish a book because he just couldn’t see himself as a person who would have a book published. When he was finally able to make that leap of faith, his life unfolded in beautiful and unexpected ways.

The mind is like a garden.  Your thoughts are like seeds.  As the farmer plants seeds in the garden, the garden doesn’t care what’s planted.  It will produce what is planted.  You can plant corn or a deadly poison.  The garden will give back exactly what’s planted.  You can plant good thoughts in our mind or thoughts of poison and our life will reflect what we have planted. As you sow, so shall you reap. Think good thoughts, positive thoughts, and our life will produce good and positive results.  Think negative and poisonous thoughts, and our life will return exactly what we planted.  Think powerful and good thoughts.  Say powerful and uplifting words and what we think and speak will return to us.  Words are filled with life.  Emerson said that if you cut a word it will bleed.

So to summarize, the seven steps I’ve outlined are:

  1. Make time to think about and set goals
  2. Write them down! Pick your primary goal
  3. Post your goals where you will see them and think about them every day
  4. Set aside a minimum of 15 minutes a day to think about your goals and commune with your spirit
  5. Visualize with great detail yourself achieving your goal more than once a day
  6. Say powerful and uplifting words (plant good seeds!) every day
  7. Have faith—always!

If you would like to learn more about these philosophies, please visit my website http://www.terrytalksnutrition.com/  and click on the free book link. I would be glad to send you a copy of Seven Keys to Unlimited Personal Achievement. In my book, I cover topics such as spirituality, attitude, positive relationships, healthy lifestyle, special types of exercise that anyone can incorporate into their busy daily routine, diet, and my favorite supplements and natural medicines. If you or someone you love could benefit from this information, please visit me at the link and sign up to have a book sent to you.

My life has been forever changed, first with God in my life, and second, with goal setting backed with persistence and faith.  You can have whatever you focus on.  Nothing is impossible.  Let your mind be your guide.  Throughout 2013 and beyond, my greatest wish for you is that you accomplish all that God wants for you and what you decide your goals should be.   Make your dreams a reality. You are capable of more than you could ever imagine!

Make 2013 an incredible year.


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