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Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends,

This week, in place of my usual article, I would like to extend a holiday greeting to each of you. For many, this special time of year is one of grace and peace. It is a chance to gather with family and friends that you may not have seen for the past 12 months, and makes you wonder why you don’t get together more often.

As a Christian, I celebrate this season because of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who is my Lord and Savior. But whatever your belief – or even non-belief – I think there is something universal in the birth, life, and rising of Christ.

Each day we may have to carry burdens that, at the time, seem unbearable. But in the end, they become the very things that remake us anew. When you’re going through a challenge, it can be hard to see its value. It’s only with time and perspective that we realize why we were guided along a certain path.

During the holidays as one year slips into the next, we have a chance to reflect on the year behind us and at a new beginning ahead. To me, this time of year brings with it a sense of hope and the promise of even better things to come.

I know that many of you have lived this message in your daily lives and in your actions with others. You go out of your way to help change the world for the better and to lead by serving others.

I count your friendship as one of God’s most precious blessings to me. I wish you peace and all the best in this wonderful season, and an abundant New Year filled with joy.

All God’s blessings and a Merry Christmas,

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