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Terry Lemerond, is passionate about health and nutrition. In over 40 years in the natural products industry, Terry has researched and developed over 400 nutritional and botanical formulations that continue to be top-selling products. In service to his mission to Improve the Health of America, Terry regularly lectures on personal and spiritual growth, writes a weekly newsletter, and hosts radio shows, podcasts, webinars and other educational seminars on the benefits of natural medicines.



50+ Natural Health Secrets

50+ Natural Health Secrets

Based on the time-tested wisdom, experience, and scientific expertise of natural health pioneer Terry Lemerond, this engaging, easy-to-understand guide helps you take the guesswork out of natural medicine.Whether you're wondering what botanical to use to treat a certain health condition, or you just have the desire to increase your knowledge of healthy living, this book contains the answers you're looking for!

In this book, you'll find:
-The "diabetes miracle" herb that can prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes
-The herbal extract clinically studied to treat anxiety and stress better than prescription drugs
-The single herb you can take to fight depression, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and pain
-And much, much more!

The book is available at Amazon.com

Seven Keys to Vibrant Health

Seven Keys to Vibrant Health

Seven Keys to Vibrant Health provides a detailed blueprint for lasting health–health in all realms, from the physical, to the financial, to the spiritual. These strong but simple principles can turn your vision into reality. Unlock the doors to lasting health, and to your dreams.

  1. Key #1 - Spirituality
  2. Key #2 - Positive Attitude
  3. Key #3 - Positive Relationship
  4. Key #4 - A healthy Lifestyle
  5. Key #5 - Regular Exercise
  6. Key #6 - A Health-Promoting Diet
  7. Key #7 - Supplementation

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Seven Keys to Unlimited Personal Achievement

Seven Keys to Unlimited Personal Achievement

In his truly inspirational book, Seven Keys to Unlimited Personal Achievement, Terry Lemerond takes you on a step-by-step journey that can dramatically improve your life. You can make a difference in the direction of your life and achievement of your goals. You simply need to change your thoughts, your beliefs and your goals. Change your thoughts and you change your life. You'll learn how to effectively visualize your future successes, affirm your best talents, and turn your plans into a successful reality-all the while becoming the best person you can be. Because the message of this book is so important, Terry encourages everyone who is interested in changing their life to pick up a copy free of charge-all you pay is the shipping cost. Discover the powerful Seven Keys to Unlimited Personal Achievement today, and begin changing your life! If you only believe for the best and not just wishes, you will certainly achieve everything you desire.

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Testimonial from a delighted reader:

Dear Terry, Thank you so much for sending me a copy of your book, "Unlimited Personal Achievement". I absolutely loved what you had to say. I want to re-read it many times until it soaks in and becomes second nature. I really appreciate it. I also wanted to thank you for your webinars. I really enjoy them. You and your wife seem like such lovely people. You inspire me to transform into the best person I can be. Thank you for modeling what it means to be a true blessing to others. God Bless You, Shelly B.

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