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Oregano Oil for Ear, Nose and Throat Infections

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There’s no denying it – we’re coming up on cold and flu season. Chances are pretty high that we, or someone we love, will be at risk of a viral illness that affects the ears, the nose and/or the throat. Bacterial and viral infections inevitably follow cooler, damp weather, reduced sunlight exposure, and greater concentrations of people congregating indoors. If you’re like me, you don’t want to deal with over-the-counter drug approaches that leave you feeling almost as bad as colds or the flu does, or deal with their dangerous adverse effects.

Fortunately, there’s a botanical oil that is one of nature’s strongest antibiotics. Traditionally, it’s been used for generations and now, current research shows that it may be as strong – if not stronger – than many anti-bacterial drugs – without the risky side effects.


A Pharmacy Unto Itself

One of the best natural ingredients for ear, nose and throat infections, and one that I recommend heartily, is Moroccan oregano oil.

While most of the oregano oil supplements sold in the United States use the species Origanum vulgare, Moroccan oregano, (Origanum compactum) has been used traditionally in Moroccan medicine for generations. In more recent years, the reason for this has been made known – it is practically a pharmacy unto itself. Especially when provided in a form called a “Bio-Typed” oil.

Bio-Typed plant oils are oils that have been examined and certified to be the correct plant species and correct key compounds, and are extremely concentrated. In fact, they are up to 100 times more concentrated than herbal extracts.

Current studies in Europe found that Bio-Typed Moroccan oregano oil is very effective for treating colds, sore throats, sinusitis, retinitis, and dermatological disorders. That’s because oregano oil is a strong antibacterial and antimicrobial ingredient. The popularity of oregano is gaining in research centers in the United States, too, and studies have been conducted at Georgetown, Cornell, and the University of Tennessee. Research points to one especially potent compound found in Origanum compactum, called carvacrol. Studies on a wide variety of diseases are extremely promising. Experts believe that all the compounds in this Bio-Typed oil work synergistically, suggesting that the whole oil extract is more powerful than just extracting a key ingredient.

In Moroccan research, the antimicrobial activity of Origanum compactum has been very impressive. It shows strong results against Staphylococcus aureus (the major cause of staph infections) and Escherichia coli (a cause of serious food poisoning). Considering the damage these bacteria cause each year, from skin irritation to emergency room treatment, this is good news. It is more evidence of the herb’s amazing value to natural medicine.

At Georgetown University, researchers concluded that oregano oil used alone or in combination with monolaurin (which can be derived from coconut oil) is highly effective against bacteria, including E. coli and H. pylori (responsible for chronic gastritis and ulcers). The authors concluded that due to the safety record of these natural interventions, oregano oil might help prevent
and treat severe bacterial infections, especially those that are difficult to treat or are resistant to antibiotic drugs.

Considering how overused antibiotics have become (and as a result, virtually useless in some applications), this news proves again that much of what we really need can be found in nature.

In addition to this already impressive list of abilities, oregano oil is also a powerful parasitic expellant, is valuable as a food preservative, and has been used to decontaminate foods from potentially harmful pathogens.

Researchers have even investigated more intensive uses for Origanum compactum. In a comparison of traditional botanicals native to Morocco, it appeared to have an inhibitory effect on breast cancer cells. While further study is necessary, this indicates an exciting application of this widely-used medicinal plant.

Finding the Right Dose

A strong Bio-Typed oil is good – but more isn’t necessarily better. Generally, taking 150 mg per day of Origanum compactum Bio-Typed plant oil is perfect. Scientific research in Europe has found a dosage in this range to be highly effective and free of side effects. For a short period of time – no more than 7 to 10 days – you can boost that amount to one, 150 mg softgel three times a day, but higher dosages aren’t generally necessary.

The most potent and perfect blend of active components in oregano, the carvacrol and thymol, are found in the compactum species. Although most oregano supplements use the vulgare species, I’d recommend compactum (Moroccan oregano) as the best.

You can fight back against the threats of seasonal colds, flus, and bacterial infections without having to resort to drugs with risky side-effects. Natural, effective, and powerful, Moroccan oregano is one of nature’s perfect botanicals. It’s truly a pharmacy unto itself.

Terry recommends products with these ingredients. Look for them at your local health food store.
Proprietary Formula (Bio-Typed Plant Oil) 150 mg
Oregano (Origanum compactum) containing 55% of carvacrol and thymol (82.5 mg)



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